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Flight strip paper / Stripprinter paper


We manufacture stripprinter paper both fanfolded and on rolls.

Our standard product is based on 160 grams of white thermopapir with black preprinted registermark. Each strip is perforated to be able to be folded and to tear apart if the printer is not equipped with a cutting mechanism.  

We have specialized in producing folded paper to avoid the challenges that the strips are curved at the end of the roll. Additionally, the folded/fanfolded strips takes less space behind/under the printer (more strips per volume).

Our standard boxes contain 4 700 strips based on 2 strips per fold. The dimensions of the standard box of is 323 x 445 x 30 mm. 

We can also deliver in alternative paperqualities, print layout and surface color of the paper.

Stripprinter paper can also be manufactured according to customer specification (length, width and print).



Width: 25,4mm (1 inch)

Length: 153mm (Adjustable)

Stripprinter paper


Product Specifications

Paper quality: Thermopapir 160g/m²



Width:  25,4mm (1 inch)

Length:  153mm (adjustable)

Number of strips per fold: 2

Number of strips per box: 4 700

Size: 323x445x30mm


On a roll

Width: 25,4mm (1 inch)

Length: 153mm (adjustable)

Core diameter: 76mm (or according to spec)

Roll diameter max: 430mm

Number of strips per rollm max: 5 000 strips

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